"Danielle is an excellent Trainer & Instructor.  The Classes and Private Training we did with her for our Rescue Puppy Cyrus were invaluable.

Cyrus was a very scared and anxious puppy. Danielle was able to provide us with the knowledge and tools we needed to help Cyrus become a confident, happy dog.

We will be forever grateful to her for the dedication and support she provided.

I would highly recommend Muttshine for all Dog Training needs.”

-Michelle & Canaan

“We are so lucky to have found Danielle to help us with training our 2-year-old Potcake, Shelby. We were looking for help with specific things but what we received was so much more than that!

From the initial phone call and in-person meeting to our last session (for now!), Danielle’s knowledge and energy is encouraging and positive.  She truly loves working with dogs and their people.

We learned a lot from Danielle’s experience, from understanding dog behaviour better to putting training into action in the private training sessions & continue to implement in our daily routines.

We have seen many improvements with Shelby in her ‘life skills’ and happy that we are doing the best for her with all of what we have learned.  Our only regret is that we didn’t find Danielle sooner!

For anyone who is looking for help with their dog, we recommend Muttshine Training Private Sessions.

Thank you Danielle!

-Wendy & Joe

"We are so happy with the training we did with you. In fact, Bruno earned his first CKC title yesterday (on his birthday). It was for his Canine Good Neighbour. We are very proud of him and attribute his success in large part to the training we did with you.

A lot of it was training me to be the best partner for Bruno so that I could help bring out his natural skills and abilities.  I think you made sure to emphasise a positive relationship between Bruno and I and have fun.

I also think that having fun has allowed us to stay with the training.  You have helped make training a fun, enriching, and challenging activity that we do together which has built a very strong bond between Bruno and I - and I'm very grateful for that.

Another aspect of your approach was that you were interested in my goals for Bruno and were open to tailoring training to support those goals.  You also provided lots of one-on-one attention and were supportive and encouraging.

I also really appreciated the practicality of the training exercises - all very useful and relevant to everyday life!”


"Rescuing a 10-year old Jack Russell is not for the novice dog owner and I didn't realize what I was getting myself into. Zoey is my 4th dog and is super reactive to squirrels and other dogs.  I don't think she was ever properly socialized and was possibly traumatized by another dog interaction.

I've worked with other dog trainers - online and in-person -and Danielle from Muttshine really helped us bond and grow together.  She showed us how to have fun together, doing new things and playing (concept training) games.

The change in Zoey was dramatic.  She actually checks in with me as we walk.

Danielle taught this old dog (me) the state-of-the-art of positive dog training, now called LIfe Skills.

Yes, she is a Dog's Life Coach!

Danielle is highly skilled and knowledgeable in dog behaviour and is a great dog trainer.  She came to my apt. fully loaded with all her props for us to learn and grow.  She is a great investment for helping with my close relationship that I have with my dog Zoey who just turned 12.

PS. Danielle sends me training notes after each session with tip sheets and homework, so we continue learning between sessions.”


"We were looking for an expert who could help us properly train our dogs and prevent any bad habits from forming.  Danielle was the perfect fit for us.  She is incredibly passionate about what she does and takes the time to explain every aspect of the training program to ensure we fully understood everything.

I would highly recommend Danielle to anyone looking for a dedicated dog trainer.  The weekly check-in calls were so helpful and allowed us to ask questions and get further clarification on the material and training exercises.

Working with Danielle truly made an impact on our dogs.  Sneakers, our shy pup, became more confident and Cashew learned to better control his impulses and energy.

We are so grateful for Danielle's expertise and dedication to helping our furry friends.  Thank you, Danielle!”


"I had the pleasure of working with Danielle as the dog trainer for my puppies and I couldn't be more thrilled with the results.

Looking at options I came across her website, and what motivated me to work with Danielle specifically was her passion for working with dogs, her wealth of experience and training, and her use of positive, rewards-based training methods.

If you're considering hiring Danielle, I would tell you that she is a true professional and a kind person who will work tirelessly to help you and your dog.  She is very personable and makes the training sessions enjoyable and effective.

Working with Danielle was a great experience.  She is very knowledgeable and patient, and she was able to help me understand my puppies better and make training a fun activity for them.  The training exercises were attainable and allowed me to continue to train the pups at home on my own.

The time with Danielle has had a significant impact!  My communication with the dogs has improved and their behaviour has become more consistent.

If you're looking for a dog trainer, I highly recommend Danielle. 


"The instructor, Danielle is amazing as is her dog, Zuzu who is wonderful doing the demonstrations.  

We have taken a lot of courses with Fig but Danielle is by far, the best trainer we have ever worked with. 

We highly recommend Muttshine to all dogs and their humans!"

-Luc & Tracey

"Danielle is an excellent and knowledgeable teacher! She goes above and beyond to make sure everyone understands the exercises and if you need extra help she is there for you! 

I highly recommend Danielle, Zuzu and Muttshine!"


"I think having Danielle as our Instructor was a match made in heaven. She was always upbeat and positive, readily available to figure alternate ways of getting from A to B without moving in a straight line. 

In the 6 weeks, I was battling a fractured pelvis, and Danielle was extremely patient with my limitations."


"Danielle's detailed personal feedback helped us work through any challenges and her enthusiasm was contagious."


"Danielle is an amazing, dedicated  trainer.  No matter what level your dog is at, both you and your dog will have a stronger bond after!

I know Zoe has more confidence and Danielle’s feedback has helped me be a better teacher to Zoe. 

Win-win for both of us!"


Muttshine Training