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ABOUT PRIVATE TRAINING: I offer personalized, private 1-on-1 training to help you achieve the type of easy-flowing, joyful and rewarding dog companionship life you want.  You'll learn simple, clear and positive communication with your dog, understand how to meet your dog's particular needs, create more wanted behaviours, develop a richer and deeper bond, and experience a mutually beneficial and happy relationship with your dog.

SKILLS CAN INCLUDE  Life Skills, Polite Manners, Attention & Focus, Engagement, Good Choices (aka Impulse Control), Training 101, Behaviour Modification, Calmness Triad, Food Manners, Crate Training, Default Sits, Sits & Stays, Settle Down  on Mat, Boundary Games, Loose Leash Walking, Polite Greetings, Disengagement, Decompression, Calmness Triad,  Concept Games, Relationship Building,  Tricks, Introductory Dog Sport Skills, Manners, Safe Door Entrances & Exits, Recall Training, Handling & Safety Behaviours, and more.

New Client?

First Step

If you're a new client or just browsing - hooray! This is exactly where you start!  Muttshine STARTER PROGRAM is your first step and includes a Free 15 Minute Telephone Consultation (we talk all about your dog!) and an Introductory Training Session. 

Completed your Starter Program?

Next Step

Once you've completed your Muttshine Starter Package, you and your dog are now all ready to jump into a training program together. 

Choose your Muttshine PRIMARY PROGRAM or choose your Muttshine SIGNATURE PROGRAM   to get your training journey begun!

Returning Client -or- Previous Student

Add-On Step

Returning Client or Previous Student? Need a one-time follow-up session or want a few? Or perhaps you are looking to do some deep-dive training with your canine teammate? Here you can choose to continue your training with Muttshine CLIENT ADD-ONS.