Owner & Instructor 

Danielle teaches a variety of weekly Puppy & Dog Training Classes in the Greater Toronto Area, as well as Private Training Sessions and Online Training Courses.   All of her training is Positive, Science-Based and Force-Free. 

Danielle is a Certified Pro Dog Trainer with Absolute Dogs, a member of AAC & CKC, and is working towards her IAABC and CPDT-KA.

While  co-owning a Charitable Rescue Group she developed her big passion for working with Rescued Street Dogs.  Danielle & her dog, Zuzu Fox (a Street Dog from the Dominican Republic) live in Toronto, Canada and play several Dog Sports including competing in Agility, Lure & Sprinters, and have earned their Novice, Intermediate & Advanced Trick Titles.

A note from Danielle:

"My Classes and Private Sessions are personalized and personable.  I'm here to help you and your dog and to assure that you both feel welcomed and supported throughout our training time together. 

My focus is on giving you the skillsets for clear & simple communication between you and your dog, and to help your dog bridge the gap in navigating this human world.  I help to get both your needs met so that you and your dog have a smooth & easy, mutually beneficial and joyful relationship.   

We'll train in an environment that is supportive, creative and  positive.  The training exercises we do together - in class or in private sessions - are all attainable with your dog at home on your own.

With good and clear communication and meeting important needs, then wanted and desirable behaviour becomes achievable and consistent, and the real joy of dog companionship can flourish.

I use and teach my Clients and Students All Positive Training Methods, Rewards-Based Training, Concept / Games Based Training, all Force-Free and Rooted in Science. 

Come join me.

Experience the Benefits of Training

& Watch Your Dog Shine.


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